Trentino-Alto Adige
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Teroldego plunges its roots deep into the limestone, granitic and porphyritic rocks of the Campo Rotaliano, a small plain embedded between steep rock faces in Trentino (Northern Italy). It is the intense expression of its land, of its people, of the Dolomites.

For over 20 years, we have been working on the recovery of this variety’s biodiversity through mass selections and vines grown from self-fertilized seeds. 

After years of biodynamic preparations’ use in the vineyard and of the precise and daily work needed in the winery, we have started to perceive the true meaning and the value of the work carried out so far. We are a winery in constant evolution. We have learnt to pay attention and to grasp the subtle differences existing in nature. We have learnt to preserve the true character of the grape as it expresses its land of origin. Our daily farming gestures seem thus elevated to creative impulses: it is our duty and privilege to wake up every morning and be free to work according to the message that the earth conveys to us in that moment.

Our understanding and awareness of natural cycles have been refined over many years of learning: every new season opens new horizons, every day we learn and understand a little more.

We work, surrounded by mountains, farming Teroldego mainly on the alluvial soils of the Campo Rotaliano, Nosiola and Manzoni Bianco on the calcareous-clayey hills of Cognola.

Foradori does not use synthetic chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. We are certified by ICEA and Demeter since 2009.

We harvest the grapes from vineyards covering 26 hectares - 80% of Teroldego, 15% of Manzoni Bianco and 5% of Nosiola - to produce an average of 160,000 bottles per year: 90,000 of Foradori, 20,000 of Granato, 20,000 of Fontanasanta Manzoni Bianco, 8,000 of Fontanasanta Nosiola and 10,000 for each of the old vineyards of Teroldego Sgarzon and Morei.

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