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A Vita

A Vita

Calabria, Italy

A Vita





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Cirò DOC


Hot Mediterranean


Francesco Di Franco 

FARMING Practices



The History

Francesco di Franco was born and raised in Cirò, Calabria. He met Laura (a native of Friuli Venezia Giulia) when he moved North for University. While studying Oenology, Francesco was introduced to minimal intervention and Natural winemaking. The more he learned about exemplifying terroir in winemaking the more he felt that this style of winemaking could help his home region of Calabria (where conventional, mass-produced wine is the norm – with one main producer making ~200,000 cases per year while in contrast A Vita now makes about 2000) live up to its potential.  

Shortly after Francesco graduated from school, he and Laura moved South, home to Calabria where they founded A Vita. 

The Philosophy

Francesco and Laura forgo the use of any synthetics in their vineyards and turn to copper and sulphur to protect against mold and disease only when absolutely necessary. Their eight hectares of vines – four parcels, with vines ranging in age from 20 years – 50 years old - are organically farmed and grown in clayey-calcareous soils. One vineyard is located near the sea in Cirò Marina and the rest are in the hills near the town itself set amongst rolling hills at the foot of the Sila mountains that slope towards the Ionian sea. This situation ensures both a moderating coastal influence and dramatic diurnal shifts (the swing in temperature from the heat of day to cool of night). 

 The older albarello (un-trellised/ individually stakes, ‘little tree’ like vines) are tucked in and amongst clusters of olive and fig trees as well as small bushes and herbs that grow wildly around the Mediterranean. To bolster and maintain this level of healthy biodiversity amongst the vines they fertilize with green manure (a term used to describe specific plant or crop varieties grown and later turned into the soil to improve its health) and till very minimally. They also do not hedge their vines (prune the tops). 

Francesco and Laura work with only native Calabrian grapes: Gaglioppo, Magliocco, Mantonico and Greco Bianco.  

In the cellar Francesco uses indigenous yeasts only with no temperature control, added enzymes and only very minimal amounts of sulphur prior to bottling.  


A Vita

italy, calabria

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