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Agricola Francesco Cirelli

Agricola Francesco Cirelli

Abruzzo, Italy

Agricola Francesco Cirelli






Hot Mediterranean


Francesco Cirelli

Farming Practices

Organic, Biodynamic



In 2003 Francesco Cirelli and his wife Michela moved to the Abruzzo countryside, to live a more simplistic rural life, like the one that Francesco observed his grandparents living as a child while visiting each Summer. They regard their farm as a safe haven and a place where they’re able to live their values and follow their dreams. 

The History

Together, Francesco and Michela founded Agricola Cirelli, a 22ha certified Organic (IMC) farm. All of its land (vineyards, olive groves, wheat field) and livestock are grown and cared for with nature’s rhythms and biodiversity in mind. With the sea only 8km away, their vineyards set amongst Abruzzo’s rolling hills enjoy a maritime influence that helps to preserve the natural balance of their wines.

The Philosophy

The pursuit of quality and the rejection of dogma is constant at Agricola Cirelli. Year after year, Francesco and his team endeavour to intervene in the vineyards as little as possible so as to harvest only what Mother Nature has offered in a given year. Crop rotation, natural fertilization (with green and animal manure) and free-range animal grazing are all amongst the ‘techniques’ that Francesco employs in order to grow healthy fruit.

In the cellar Agricola Cirelli employs only natural ferments and they do not ferment or age any of their wines in oak, but rather use neutral vessels such as stainless-steel tanks and amphora. Of course, Francesco will note several times if you chat with him that: each year, each vintage and each vine is different. There is no ‘cutting and pasting’ or easy answers, when you’re at the mercy of nature, but that’s the way he (and we) prefers it to be.


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