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Burn Cottage

Burn Cottage Vineyard

Central Otago, New Zealand

Burn Cottage Vineyard


New Zealand


Central Otago


Cool Continental


Organic, Biodynamic


Claire Mulholland


The History

Burn Cottage is a 28ha vineyard, farm and estate in the foothills of the Pisa range in Central Otago, New Zealand. The vineyard is owned by husband and wife Marquis & Dianne Sauvage who purchased the property unplanted in 2002 after touring the area on vacation a season prior.

The site coveted in the region, for it is sheltered from both northerly and southerly winds by large hills and forms a beautiful, protected bowl much like a modern amphitheatre. It is a phenomenal site for Pinot Noir, and they firmly believe that great wines are born from the soils which nurture the vines.

The Philosophy

At the suggestion of Consulting Winemaker and Vineyard Manager Ted Lemon, whom Marquis sought out, Burn Cottage has been farmed Biodynamically from inception. Burn Cottage has always been a fully functional farm with 10ha under vine and the rest of the estate devoted to cattle, chickens, beehives, olive groves and other flora and fauna native to New Zealand. The estate also produces its own compost and grows many of the components necessary for the preparations involved in Biodynamic farming. At Burn Cottage they believe that biodiversity is the cornerstone of a healthy farm.

Unlike many new world producers, Burn Cottage Vineyard does not make wine from simply "fruit". Burn Cottage makes wines from vineyard blocks with individual character traits on an estate property. All of their wines are fermented with their own yeast starters, cultured every year, from the vineyard itself. In the winery they employ only the lightest touch to allow the genius of their site and individual vineyards to shine through.


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