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Cambridge Road Vineyard

Cambridge Road Vineyard

Martinborough, New Zealand

Cambridge Road Vineyard


New Zealand


South Wairarapa District 

sub Region



Cool Maritime


Lance Redgwell


Organic, Biodynamic


In 2006, after spending years travelling the globe making wine, sailing and building ships Lance Redgwell and his family purchased the Cambridge Road property in Martinborough, New Zealand.

The History

Cambridge Road’s 2.2ha vineyard was planted in 1986 to Pinot Noir and Syrah varietals. The property was farmed organically throughout most of the 90s and early 2000s before a very brief conventional spell prior to the Redgwell's purchase of the property. They quickly reverted back to organic methods and introduced bio-dynamic practices in order to ignite and bolster the site's biodiversity and seek the finest expression of the site’s potential.

In those early days of Cambridge Road, Lance was able to complete all vineyard tasks himself - an important step in the pursuit of the high quality and soulful winemaking that he strives for. Today Cambridge Road conducts the work with a small core team that helps with all the diverse tasks of running a wine company in this age. They practice sensitive minimalist agriculture – by that they mean they attempt to intervene as little as possible to allow the vines their natural balance and reflection of season and soil.

The Philosophy

As in the vineyard, In the winery Cambridge Road has progressively stepped further and further away from intervention. In recent years this means almost no use of sulphites and no additions of any other kind, and their wines today are simply the honest living reflection of fruit fermented by nature and bottled. 

Today Cambridge Road sources fruit from four main sites in the greater Martinborough area. South of the village, they have an aromatic block on a very stony edge of the Dry River which taps into more ancient geology, and just a few kilometers south of there we also have a steeper hillside site laying to the setting sun on a subsoil of windblown loess. Up in the hills to the north a tiny block exists on a fossilized shell rich soil at higher altitudes.

The team at Cambridge Road looks forward to developing other sites in the future that tap into the best geology and exposure that their part of the world can offer


Cambridge Road Vineyard

new zealand, martinborough
pinot gris

Cambridge Road Vineyard

new zealand, martinborough
sauvignon blanc

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