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Claus Preisinger

Claus Preisinger

Burgenland, Austria

Claus Preisinger





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Neusiedlersee DAC


Cool Continental


Claus Preisinger


Organic, Biodynamic


Claus Preisinger was born in 1980 in Eisenstadt (the capital of the Burgenland province) and has not strayed too far for too long. 

The History

After attending a viticultural school in Klosterneuburg he crossed the Atlantic to work in Californian vineyards before returning to Austria work as a winemaker for Nittnaus Anita & Hans. As he worked for others, he simultaneously was working on making his own wines with his Father, which they debuted with great success in 2002. Just two years later at 24, Claus was accepted into the renowned ‘’Pannobile” association of wineries.

In 2009, after a number of years farming his own vineyards, he moved his operation into a new, modern facility overlooking his vines near the village of Gols by Lake Neusiedlersee in Burgenland.

The Philosophy

Claus is a winemaker who believes that farming biodynamically and intervening minimally is not only a moral obligation, but that it makes for some damn good wines as well.

Claus is deeply committed to working in harmony with nature, and has been working with ambient yeasts since 2002 and has been certified Biodynamic since 2009. He also keeps his cellar interventions to a minimum, strongly advocating for wines that achieve balance naturally. Very little sulphur is added to his wines - Claus decides just before bottling if it is strictly necessary.

As he puts it ‘I don´t have to go to an office; don´t have any traffic jams; am outside in nature and the vineyards as much as I want (and the vines demand); I just look across the landscape and feel the weather. All of this is a privilege that I appreciate (more and more). If this sounds too good to be true - come and have a look for yourself!'


Claus Preisinger

austria, burgenland

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