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Clos Roussely

Clos Roussely

Touraine, France

Clos Roussely




Touraine, Loire Valley


Cool Continental


Vincent Roussely

Farming Practices



The History

Clos Roussely was an outbuilding of the castle in the village of Angé-sur-Cher since the 18th century. In 1917, Anatole, the great-grandfather of Vincent Roussely, bought Clos Roussely and built the current vineyards and winery. Vincent Roussely (4th generation) inherited the estate in 2001 and converted the vineyard to organic agriculture. 

The estate covers 8 hectares in some of the best areas of the Touraine appellation. The soil is made up of mostly clay and tuffeau limestone with the oldest vineyards on the estate over 80 years old. The climate is relatively mild, which allows a superb expression of the best characteristics of the Sauvignon Blanc grape, which makes of 80% of the estate’s vineyards.

The Philosophy

The soil is worked in environmentally friendly ways, with manual and horse-powered plowing and aerating. The estate does not use herbicides, pesticides or chemical molecules and it prides itself in protecting plant and animal diversity within the local ecosystem.


Domaine Clos Roussely

france, loire valley

Domaine Clos Roussely

france, loire valley
sauvignon blanc

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