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Clot de l'Oum

Clot de l'Oum

Roussillon, France

Clot de l'Oum






Côtes du Roussillon Villages


Hot Mediterranean


Eric and Leia Monné


Organic, Biodynamic


Eric Monné and his wife and partner in vine Leia, once considered rising starts in the Roussillon are today comfortably regarded as trailblazers and makers of wines of incredible purity and quality in the region.

The History

Eric admits that he first purchased his land, located in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains around the village of Bélesta in 1995 based on the way it looked on advice from a fellow winegrower in the Minervois. To his delight, the site has turned out to be instrumental in achieving Eric’s goal of making wines that are rich in minerality, freshness and fruit.

At first, Leia and Eric grew fruit and sold it to a local co-op, but after several years, they decided to try their hand at making wine under their own label Clot de l’Oum. Clot de l’Oum (meaning ‘hill of the elm’ in Catalan – remember, the Roussillon is ‘the new Priorat’ as per Dr. Jamie Goode) was founded by Eric and Leila in 2001.

Though they are a well known pair in the region, their wines have remained (somehow) largely under the radar in the rest of the wine world.

The Philosophy

The vineyards are between 400 and 600 metres high on granite-based soils and have been farmed Organically since 2001 (certified in 2003) and Biodynamic practices were implemented in 2009.

Clot de l’Oum focuses on varieties such as Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, and Grenache Gris and benefitting from mineral rich and lively soils like granite and schist that lift the wines and provide a refreshing acidity and minerality to the ripeness of the fruit.

The wines are hand-harvested, destemmed, and sorted prior to vinification. During vinification, they practice minimal intervention and do not use any acidification, chaptalisation, or enzymage (adding enzymes to the wine). They uses fiberglass tanks to vinify their red wines, and stainless-steel tanks for their white wine, Cine-Panettone. The wines are then matured in old oak barrels or large oak casks (“foudres”), as the duo wants the benefits of the air exchange in the barrel, but not the oak aromatic or flavor influences of the wine barrel. Also, during vinification Eric and Léia minimize the use of sulfur dioxide (SO2) as much as possible.


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