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Distillerie et Domaine Cazottes

Distillerie et Domaine Cazottes

South West, France

Distillerie et Domaine Cazottes




South West

sub Region



Warm Mediterranean


Laurent Cazottes

Farming Practices

Organic, Biodynamic



The History

The Living Vine's resident very tall and very friendly guy Laurent Cazottes makes BOTH incredible eau-de-vies and Natural Wines!

The history of the Distillerie Cazottes starts with Laurent's father  - Jean Cazottes who worked as a traveling distiller in the Gaillac territory (a traveling distiller is essentially someone who would travel with a still from village to village, set up in a town's square and use the fruit from the trees in someone's yard to make eau-de-vies which they then sell it back to the owner or townspeople). 

In 1999,  Laurent decided to start stationary distillation from local fruit near Villeneuve sur Vère – in a place called Le Carlus. Williams pears were used in the first distillation under the Cazottes label. In 2000, three new products were presented – _walnut liquor and two new eau de vie brands made from the Mauzac Rose grape and Reine Claude Dorée plum. Today, the distillery is producing more than 6 different brands of eau de vie, 6 different liquors and two wine-based aperitifs.

In 2010 Laurent took yet another step in honouring his family's (12 generation long) history in the region by reviving the vineyards - planted with varieties unique to and rarely found outside of the region -  on his estate. 

The Cazottes farm remains humming with activity. In addition to the orchards and vineyards, Laurent has dedicated several hectares to growing grains, wildflowers and even truffles! All of which contribute to the incredible and unique biodiversity of the estate.

The Philosophy

Each of Distillerie et Domaine Cazottes' projects, ideas and even dreams are rooted in their deep respect of environmental stewardship. Their Organic approach (with many Biodynamic practices also being used) begins in the growing stage and stretches to their bottling process. The key is to not endeavour to improve upon what nature has already accomplished, but just to present the work of the vines, fruit trees and terroir in the most accurate and transparent way possible. (In the case of winemaking, this means using only indigenous ferments, forgoing temperature control, fining and filtration and using only the tiniest amounts of sulphur at bottling.) Theirs are some very serious Natural Wines!


Domaine Laurent Cazottes

france, other

Domaine Laurent Cazottes

france, other

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