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Domaine Barmès-Buecher

Domaine Barmès-Buecher

Alsace, France

Domaine Barmès-Buecher






Cool Continental


Maxime Barmès

Farming Practices

Organic, Biodynamic



Located in Wettolsheim, one of the largest towns in Alsace by area under vine, Domaine Barmès Buecher was created in 1985 by Geneviève Barmès (née Buecher) and her late husband Francois when they combined their inherited holdings of their respective families.

The History

In 1995, ten years after founding the domaine Francois and Geneviève converted their sixteen hectares to biodynamic farming, a practice that encourages agriculture based on the cycles of the planets and the moon. The objective was simple: to encourage the vines to reengage their natural state of being once clouded by modern farming and to encourage each vine to recover its natural state of equilibrium and harmony.

The sudden loss of François in 2011 accelerated the installation of his children, Sophie and Maxime, as key figures in the family business. Today, Genevieve, Sophie and Maxime are determined to maintain the energy and balance acquired over the years by Domaine Barmès- Buecher and to continue to grow.

The Philosophy

Domaine Barmés-Buecher produces wines that are a true reflection of their vineyards, thanks to high-quality fruit, grown Biodynamically with care and respect.

All vineyard and winery work is heavily influenced by the lunar calendar. Their approach is ‘bespoke’ in style, using practices which are adapted to each individual parcel of vines and its needs. In each vineyard, they prefer to use manual growing practices – only using lightweight machinery to reduce the effects of soil compaction. The use of animals for tilling and fertilization has also been reintroduced in their Grand Cru Hengst parcel.

After the grapes have been harvested by hand, intervention of the winemaker is kept to a minimum. Only the highest quality grapes are selected – all fruit is meticulously sorted by hand – and each cuvée is pressed very gently for a minimum of 9 hours.

Each bottle of Barmès-Beucher wine bears the stamp of its climat (Hengst, Pfersigberg, Steingrubler, Rosenberg, Leimental, Clos Sand, Herrenweg) in keeping with generations of family tradition.


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