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Domaine de la Garrelière

Domaine de la Garrelière

Loire Valley, France

Domaine de la Garrelière




Loire Valley

sub Region



Cool Continental


François Plouzeau

Farming Practices

Organic, Biodynamic



The History

Like much of the Loire Valley, Domaine de la Garrelière’s estate enjoys a rich history - it was once owned by a Duke and portions of it have been under vine since the 1600s!

Set atop a hill (the highest point in Richelais) the estate (20ha of vines) as we know it today is owned by François and Pascale Plouzeau - folks described across the Loire valley as being honest, consistent and pragmatic.

The Philosophy

François and Pascaline manage their estate Biodynamically (including growing plants for and making their own preparations) and without the aid of any chemicals or pesticides. 

François is what we can only describe as a modest winemaker. He is incredibly hands on in the vineyard and harvests his grapes only when they are perfectly (but not over) ripe. His approach in the winery is minimal and traditional, sans tralala, you might say.


Domaine de la Garrelière

france, loire valley
chenin blanc

Domaine de la Garrelière

france, loire valley
gamay noir

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