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Domaine Labet

Domaine Labet

Jura, France

Domaine Labet





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Cool Continental


Julien Labet

Farming Practices

Organic, Biodynamic

Domaine Labet is the family estate of Julien Labet (passed onto him by his father Alain) in the area south of Lons-le-Saunier, known as the Sud Revermont in Rotalier, Jura. The Labet family has been making wines in Rotalier, Jura for generations, but it was Alain Labet’s leadership that elevated the Domaine to notoriety, especially within the low-intervention/natural wine world. 

The History

In 1997, Julien, the eldest of Alain’s three children returned to the family domaine with the idea of pushing the estate even further in the low-intervention/natural direction. Inspired by his tenure at prestigious domaines in Burgundy and in South Africa, Julien introduced the usage of old Burgundy barrels to replace newer oak foudres and progressively lowered sulphur levels year after year. His push towards Organic viticulture proved to be just a little too radical (though Alain already despised the idea of using fertilizers or insecticides) for his father, and so he was gifted a few hecatres with which to do as he pleased. In 2000 the first Savagnin ‘ouille’ (topped-up, rather than under flor) wine was produced at the domaine – and the rest is more or less history.

In the past decade or so, Alain’s daughter Charline (a trained oenologist) and younger son Romain (a viticulturalist) have also returned to the domaine, finding their own places in the cellar and amongst the vines. Alain officially ‘retired’ in 2012 (though what does that ever really mean for a farmer? He still insists on helping out with tractor work) and under the direction of his children the family domaine continues to flourish.

The Philosophy

Currently, Domaine Labet’s Biodynamically farmed vineyards span 13 ha of vines spread over 45 parcels, over 4 communes. Adopting the Burgundian technique of topping up barrels, Julien’s wines balance the beautiful oxidative qualities that Jura wines are often known for with focus and freshness.

Domaine Labet wines are best known for their specificity. Currently, each varietal from each vineyard is bottled into its own cuvée – no two vineyards or varietals are blended, and each wine is a true representation of an incredible microcosm of the Domaine (a varietal, a place, a soil type, etc). In the cellar, the only fermentations taking place are wild – with yeasts of course being carried in from different vineyards and varying from vintage to vintage. They play an important role in shaping the personality of each cuvée.

All cellar work at Domaine Labet takes place over time and in accordance to the seasons and lunar cycles. The wines are never fined, filtered, chaptalized or acidified. Sulfur is used only when absolutely necessary.


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