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Domaine Ostertag

Domaine Ostertag

Alsace, France

Domaine Ostertag





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Vin d'Alsace


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André Ostertag

FARMING Practices

Organic, Biodynamic

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André Ostertag

André Ostertag is both a defiant Alsatian winemaker and an ardent environmentalist. After training in Burgundy, he returned to his family Domaine ready to stir the pot.

The History

André took every traditional Alsatian vine growing and winemaking method and turned his back on them. His first act as winemaker at Domaine Ostertag was to lower the vine’s yields considerably in order to grow fruit with more flavour concentration. He introduced viticultural practices (Organics and later Demeter-certified Biodynamics) and vinification techniques from his training to the Domaine with mostly successful results (he will tell you now that new oak and Riesling don’t mix).

Today, the Domaine is comprised of approximately 14ha of vines spread out over 75 parcels (you read that right) and five different communes and counting.

The Philosophy

In recent years André was joined on the estate by his son Arthur and the two now collaborate on both viticulture and winemaking.

Domaine Ostertag has been practicing Biodynamics since 1998. He has over the years experimented more and more with using minimal filtration and minimal amounts of added Sulphites – quite a feat in Alsace, where most cuvées bottled with some residual sugar making the risk of refermentation that much higher. This said, the pair still does not confine themselves to any traditional Alsation techniques, preferring to harvest when grapes are ultimately ripe and acidity is still intact and vinify in a more Burgundian fashion with indigenous yeasts and long fermentations resulting more often than not in dry wines.


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