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Domaine Prieuré-Roch

Domaine Prieuré-Roch

Burgundy, France

Domaine Prieuré-Roch





sub Region

Côte d'Or




Cool Continental


Yannick Champ

FARMING Practices

Organic, Biodynamic


Domaine Prieuré-Roch, a Burgundian Domaine that needs no introduction. The origins of the Domaine are entangled with arguably one of (if not the) most prestigious Domaines in the world – Domaine Romanée-Conti.

The History

In 1988, several small parcels of vines around Vosne were purchased from DRC by Henri-Roch whose family was a part owner of the Domaine and who had a first right of refusal if any of their land was to be put up for sale.

In naming the newly founded estate, Henri felt that Domaine Roch implied just a little too much self-importance (oh, the irony of humility in this situation). He happened to see a wooden case of Bordeaux wines with the name Châtau Prieuré-Lychine and thought, why not? So, Domaine Prieuré-Roch (the priory Roch, priory meaning ‘a small monastery governed by a prior) was born.

A number of small parcels of vines have since been acquired here and there, some purchased, some ‘en fermage’ (a farming tenancy) and a former garage was converted into a small cellar in Prémeaux (and is still quite visible as you drive through the centre of town, it’s large doors fashioned as giant oak barrels).

The Philosophy

Though Henry passed away a number of years ago, the Domaine’s incredible vineyards are farmed Biodynamically by his longtime assistant Yannick Champ. He maintains Henry’s strong directives on a number of issues including labeling, whole cluster ferments (the traditional and only way to vinify in Burgundy, as per Henry) and the expression of unadulterated Burgundian terroir.


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