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Éric Texier

Éric Texier

Rhône Valley, France

Éric Texier




Rhône Valley

sub Region

Northern Rhône Valley




Moderate Continental


Éric Texier

FARMING Practices

Organic, Biodynamic


Inspired by an older generation of Rhône producers like Marius Gentaz and Pouchoulin, Éric Texier made the unpredictable leap from nuclear engineering to winemaking in the early 1990s. 

The History

Éric has since become one of the most important producers in the Northern Rhône and his revolutionary perspectives on terroir, vine-growing and winemaking have helped to put the almost extinct regions of Brézème and St-Julien en St-Alban back on the map.

Forever a scientist, Éric is constantly researching and experimenting – grafting his own vines, re-discovering and working with nearly forgotten varieties, and trying to fine tune the ways in which we think about growing and making wine. Especially with the threat of climate change looming, Éric is not afraid to ruffle feathers questioning his or others techniques or call bullshit on the dogma creeping its way into the Natural wine world.

The Philosophy

Though all of his grapes are grown Organically, Éric’s philosophies are hard to truly categorize and would lay somewhere along the spectrum of agricultural schools from Organic to Biodynamic to Regenerative. Ferments are carried out with only native yeasts and maturation takes place in old demi-muids or in cement or ceramic (no new oak) and sulphur is only ever used at bottling. All of these methods, he feels serve to express the special terroir of these stunning Northern Rhône appellations.


Éric Texier

france, rhône valley

Éric Texier

france, rhône valley

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