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Jamsheed Wines

Jamsheed Wines

Yarra Valley, Australia

Jamsheed Wines





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Yarra Valley


Warm Continental


Gary Mills

Farming Practices




The History

Gary Mills was born in Western Australia. He completed a Bachelor of Literature before moving to Japan to study and work as an English teacher. Upon returning to Australia, he had an epiphany during a brief stint as a Japanese-speaking tour guide in Queensland and began working in the vineyards of Margaret River.

Gary took this new found passion of wine to California where he originally signed on to a 5 week position at Ridge Vineyards. This turned into two full years at the vineyard where he worked directly under winemaker Paul Draper. Gary later continued his winemaking experience in Oregon and various regions in Australia.

The Philosophy

The Jamsheed Label began in 2003 with a focus on single vineyard Syrahs and aromatic whites from unique sites in Victoria.

Jamsheed represents the past and future of creative wines from down under. These wines break the mold of conventional philosophy toward Aussie wines. Not because he is doing something abnormal, rather the opposite. Gary views terroir as the sole focus of his wines and the expression is the goal. This is certainly not a 'new' concept. Moreover, Gary strives for flavor, precision and balance in his wines.


150+ Producers worldwide

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