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Julien Courtois

Julien Courtois

Loire Valley, France

Julien Courtois




Loire Valley

sub Region

Soings en Sologne


Vin de France


Moderate Continental


Julien Courtois

FARMING Practices

Organic, Biodynamic


The History

Julien Courtois learned everything that he knows about winemaking from his father Claude and his uncompromising views on biodiversity. Following closely in his footsteps, Julien is making wine on a 4.5ha Domaine dubbed Le Clos de la Bruyère in the central Loire Valley. ⁠

The Philosophy

Along with his partner Heidi, Julien tends to their seven ungrafted varietals - many of which can only be found in their corner of the Loire and all of which are low yielding - by hand and in accordance with the biodynamic calendar. ⁠

In the spirit of his father, following in the tradition of natural winemaking, Julien has worked tirelessly to reinvigorate long damaged soils so they might be brought back into harmony with nature. Everything is done manually with little sulfur added at bottling, if any; Julien is a non-interventionist winemaker, never relying on herbicides or pesticides, only organic processes from start to finish. The vine rows are left to carefully landscaped vegetation - herbs and flowers 


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