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Ktima Ligas

Ktima Ligas

Macedonia, Greece

Ktima Ligas





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Hot Mediterranean


Meli Thomas, Jason Ligas

Farming Practices




Along with his children Meli and Jason, Thomas Ligas tends to several hectares of vines in the ancient wine growing region of Pella, Greece. 

The History

Since ancient times, the region of Pella in the Peloponnese, situated in northern Greece, was associated with winemaking and described as the mother of wine, where vines abound. By converting to natural farming and reducing the yield Thomas Ligas was able to express the terroir and show the potential of a grape that is normally over cropped and used for cheap jug wine. 

The Philosophy

Pella has a lot of sun and fresh air, and Ktima Ligas’ vineyards are set on well-drained soils of loam and limestone. A vibrant ecosystem is also encouraged, including the preservation of the naturally occurring turf. This balance of nature with the needs of the growers means that vines are kept naturally healthy by their surroundings, and little intervention or treatment is needed. The grapes are handpicked between mid-August and late September.

The Ligas family farms indigenous varietals (like Assyrtiko and Xinomavaro) using organic practices with the principles of permaculture and regenerative agriculture woven in. They make many different cuvées, experimenting with different fermentation vessels like large-format oak and clay amphorae, and each one is exciting and unique unto itself.


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