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Larry Cherubino Wines

Larry Cherubino Wines

Western Australia, Australia

Larry Cherubino Wines




Western Australia

sub Region

Margaret River


Warm Continental


Larry Cherubino

Farming Practices




The History

Larry Cherubino has worked and consulted for some of the biggest names in the world of wine. It’s with his Cherubino label that he gets to explore and interpret the regions of Western Australia on his own terms.

The Philosophy

Cherubino’s vineyard (named Riverside, after the original farm) is in Frankland River is Cherubino’s home base. In recent years he’s also purchased plots in Pemberton, Porongurup and Margaret River with the total area under vine now exceeding 120ha. All sites are managed sustainably with no herbicides used and minimal copper employed.

As for his work in the cellar, Larry says: "Good wine is relatively hands-off. You should have done all the work in the field. I don’t think too much about what I’m going to do in the winery because I know that if the fruit is great, you shouldn’t have to do a lot. What I do think about is the character of the fruit, and what I need to do to bottle that. For me, making wine means growing healthy grapes".


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