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Lucy Margaux

Lucy Margaux

Adelaide Hills, Australia

Lucy Margaux




South Australia

sub Region

Adelaide Hills


Basket Range


Moderate Continental


Anton Von Klopper

FARMING Practices

Organic, Biodynamic


Lucy Margaux Wines

Lucy Margaux wines are made on a Farm in Basket Range, South Australia. The wines change every year but one thing is constant: No additions, just grapes.

The History

Anton Von Klopper of Lucy Margaux Wines is among a small group of vintners whom are credited with starting and solidifying the natural wine movement in the Basket Range region of the Adelaide Hills. 

Anton arrived in the hills, a native of South Africa, and immediately tossed out all conventions on his own farm before challenging others (some growers whom he still works with today) to do the same. His farming beliefs are a seeming hybrid of biodynamics and Goethe’s ‘Metamorphosis of Plants’ - both of which boil down to the essentiality of biodiversity on an estate and farming in a way that supports and honours it.

The Philosophy

In the winery, Anton is fanatical about sticking with tradition. The only machines in his cellar (/shed) are a de-stemmer, a press, and a hand bottler. All of his wines are fermented and aged in neutral vessels (like old barrels, ceramic, and cement); there is no temperature control or any additions to speak of (including sulphur). He is staunchly against 'planning' his wines - insisting that every season is completely different than the last and there's no sense or benefit in deciding what a wine will be prior to it presenting itself to you at harvest time or the blending stage.

Anton has been referred to as a maverick, crazy, as a genius, and many more things we are sure. To us, he’s a truly talented maker of living, real wines.


Lucy Margaux

australia, south australia

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