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Maison aux Lorettes

Maison aux Lorettes

Bordeaux, France

Maison aux Lorettes






Côtes de Bourg


Moderate Maritime

Farming Practices

Organic, Biodynamic

The History

Maison aux Lorettes is an estate situated in the sun-soaked rolling hills on the north side of the Gironde estuary. The estate itself is surrounded by agricultural and woodland creating a biodiverse environment. Though the sun is strong, proximity to the estuary moderates temperatures in the afternoons and overnight, preserving acidity and freshness in the grapes. Fog created by the juxtaposed temperatures shorten the sunlight hours, also contributing to this necessary balance. The result is a micro-climate that is perhaps not suited for traditional full-bodied and powerful Bordeaux wines but is perfect for the delicate, fresh and hands-off style of this artisanal chateau. 

The Philosophy

The estate has embraced Biodynamic farming and the extremely sparing use of sulphites. They use very small amounts of new-oak, often opting for stainless steel or concrete fermentation vessels instead. The resulting wines are better described by terms like ‘juicy’ and ‘crunchy’ and have a contemporary appeal for those fans of the Loire and Beaujolais.


Maison aux Lorettes

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