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Burgenland, Austria







Cool Continental


Nikolas Peltzer

Farming Practices

Organic, Biodynamic



The History

Meinklang’s Burgenland estate is unlike…practically any other estate we’ve ever encountered. To say that it’s teeming with life would be a gross understatement, its land supporting a prolific amount of different species including (but probably not limited to) spelt, farro, wheat, fruit trees, vegetables, legumes, herbs, wildflowers, grapevines and livestock (cows, pigs, chickens). 

The Philosophy

It should go without saying that Meinklang is a Biodynamic farm of epic proportions. The farm is completely self-sufficient – all of the estate’s needs (whether it be for fertilizers/compost or feed for human or animal) can be met with outputs from the farm.

Each species on the farm was chosen to exist here to not only exist in harmony with the others, but to support them and to contribute to estate’s biosphere in its own way.

For example, their animal husbandry program that is essential to Biodynamic farming contributes natural fertilization and tillage to the rest of the estate, the ancient grains planted between the rows of vines improve the soil structure (minimizing erosion but also breaking it up slightly for drainage) and returning nutrients to the earth, orchard fruit trees provide habitats for both beneficial predators and pollinators…we digress.

In the cellar, of course, only indigenous yeasts are used for fermentation and their modern and spotless facility is home to many a neutral vessel (decades-old larger format oak, concrete eggs, etc). Not to be TOO woo-woo about it, but the energy that one can feel on the farm is certainly translated to their superlative wines.


150+ Producers worldwide

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