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Milan Nestarec

Milan Nestarec

Moravia, Czech Republic

Milan Nestarec


Czech Republic




Cool Continental


Milan Nestarec

Farming Practices

Organic, Biodynamic



In a short amount of time Milan Nestarec has risen to the top of the Natural wine world and certainly the Czech Republic world of wine which hasn’t always been (or been able to be) focused on individual expression of the terroir.

The History

After WW11 the communist system limited winemakers and growers to selling wine and grapes in bulk to a state-run cooperative who then made a very standardized product. Growers and makers were paid by the kg or the litre, so there was no incentive to improve the quality of the fruit or wine, only quantity of fruit grown. Needless to say, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides were heavily, heavily employed in the vineyards, as was the use of additives of all kinds and sulphites in the wineries.

After communism fell, Milan’s father planted 8ha of vines in Moravia from which he would make his own wine. Milan returned to work with his father in the vineyard and winery post a stint in winemaking school. They continued to farm and work in the cellar conventionally, until, that is, Milan traveled to nearby Slovenia where he met and eventually worked for the fabled characters at the Natural Movia estate, an experience that changed his views on what’s considered ‘normal’ in winegrowing and making forever.

The Philosophy

Milan, today, only cares about quality, not quantity. He seeks consistency, longevity. He wants to be able to open his wines in 5, 10 and 15 years and be blown away by their energy and power. Every detail and choice counts. From the soils in which they grown the vines (the health of which has VASTLY improved since they started farming Organically and then using Biodynamic principles some 10+ years ago) to the artists creating his labels.

His vineyards are now herbicide, pesticide, fertilizer and systemic treatment free. Rather than using the phrasing ‘natural’ or ‘low-intervention’ or even ‘Organic or Biodynamic’ he just describes his methods of farming and winemaking as ‘normal’ – therefore othering more manipulative practices (we can get behind this).

The bottom line is, you’re in good hands with Milan and his wines.


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