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Muddy Water Wine

Muddy Water Wine

Waipara Valley, New Zealand

Muddy Water Wine


New Zealand



sub Region

Waipara Valley


Moderate Maritime


Dom Maxwell 




The History

Muddy Water was born almost a quarter century ago when viticulture pioneers Jane and Michael East recognised the potential for grape growing in the Waipara Valley. They first planted the vineyard in 1993 and with the first wines released in 1996 Muddy Water Estate was quickly established as one of the first real high quality producers in the area. Much of their wine today is still being made from those original vines.

The Easts retired in 2011 after two decades of winemaking accolades and passed stewardship of Muddy Water to the Thomas family, who continue to take the winery from strength to strength under the philosophy of minimal intervention, creating wines that fully express both site and vintage.

The Philosophy

Pioneering from the get-go, upon planting the vineyard with experimental varieties in ’93, the Easts made the decision to forgo the use of chemical herbicides, pesticides in fungicides, opting instead for a more hands-on approach in the vineyard using Organic and Biodynamic methods. Thereafter, Muddy Water became the first Organic certified winery in Canterbury and remains an industry leader in sustainable winegrowing and making in NZ.


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