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Wachau, Austria

Nikolaihof Wachau





sub Region

Wachau Valley


Wachau DAC


Cool Continental


Nikolaus Saahs


Organic, Biodynamic


The History

With almost 2,000 years of history, Nikolaihof is the oldest winery in Austria and one of the first in the world to have begun working by biodynamic principles according to the regulations of the Demeter Association. During its history, it was, at various times, a celtic place of worship, part of a Roman fort, a bishop's seat and an administrative centre.

The vineyards of Nikolaihof are situated in a remarkably privileged region: Wachau, one of the most beautiful river landscapes in Europe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and place of origin of some of the best white wines in the world. Its climate and geological conditions are ideal for white wine, and it is precisely here where the Saahs family vineyards lie.

The Philosophy

The Saahs family runs the Nikolaihof Wachau in accordance with the regulations of the Demeter Association, the most strict regulatory system in biodynamic farming. The principle: Imbue the wine with as much strength and energy as possible, whilst leaving nature to its own devices as far as possible. No pesticides, fertilizers, or synthetic  sprays are used in the vineyards. Instead, the Saahs family uses stinging nettle manure, valerian drops, horse tail tea and its own specially produced Demeter-preparations. 

After undergoing careful and mild pressing processes, Nikolaihof wines are fermented with natural yeasts, thus developing their excellent character. Lastly, they find their way into the estate's historic wine cellar, which was built in a Roman crypt. Here, Nikolaus Saahs gives his wines exactly the time they need to mature. The light "Federspiel" wines come from the previous year's vintage, whilst "Smaragd" wines are aged longer in the cellar. Some wines stay here for up to 20 years in some of the 2,000 to 12,000 litre oak barrels.


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