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Podere San Cristoforo

Podere San Cristoforo

Tuscany, Italy 

Podere San Cristoforo





sub Region

Maremma Toscana


Hot Mediterranean


Lorenzo Zonin & Niccolò Matteucci




The History

Podere San Cristoforo was founded on the Tuscan coast in 1901 by a family of farmers that carefully selected this land for its ideal vine growing conditions: the vineyard’s fresh and stony soils and the constant marine breezes. Podere San Cristoforo stands in an isolated location in the countryside of the Maremma. The estate encapsulates the whole world of tastes and traditions of an area lying between the sea and gentle hillsides, in a mosaic of market gardens and wide expanses made up of cereal crops, vines, olive trees and pasture. Podere San Cristoforo was founded in 1901 by a family of farmers that carefully selected this land for its ideal vine's growing conditions: fresh, stony soils and constant marine breezes.

After several years of neglect, Lorenzo took over the property, observing that some sparse old vines were still thriving. Crops were restored and a biodynamic approach was introduced to safeguard the pristine land and to recover the true role of the wine-grower, its originality and its deep relation with nature.

The Philosophy

Podere San Cristoforo believes it's important to seek the best agronomic practices in order to assure the highest quality grapes. The biodynamic method offers very simple tools that have been used for a long time in agriculture to make the earth more fertile and to make the vine more resistant. We are convinced that the quality of our wines comes from the respect of our soils and the care of our vineyards.

The biodynamic approach uses organic composts that increase soil life through the development of microorganisms that furnish new elements to the vine. The air, just as the earth, is a system from which the plant nourishes itself. The biodynamic method considers fundamental not only the sunlight, but also the gravitational and magnetic strengths, those energies influence all living organisms, most importantly the development and life cycle of vegetables. In the struggle against vineyard diseases, the biodynamic method uses a preventive approach that equilibrates the entire ecosystem to strengthen the vine's natural defenses.


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