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Progetto Sete Vini Naturali

Progetto Sete Vini Naturali

Lazio, Italy

Progetto Sete Vini Naturali





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Hot Mediterranean


Emiliano Giorgi

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The History

‘They’ often say it takes a lot of beer to make good wine – well, it must take a love of beer in general to start a winery. After a few vintages working with iconic Natural wine pioneer Gianmarco Antonuzi of Le Coste di Gradoli and throughout many evenings at their local pub, childhood friends Arcangelo and Emiliano conceptualized their idea for Sete (meaning ‘thirst’ in Italian). Sete is an agricultural project born in 2013 with the aim of saving the few vineyards left in the Amaseano river valley in Lazio, Italy.

This area of Southern Lazio is brimming with agricultural life. The area is rich in farms raising Buffalo to make Buffalo Mozzarella and growing vegetables to be sold to restaurants in Rome. Some small vineyards do still remain, often tended to by older-locals, still dreaming of a bygone era when vineyards were made stronger by herbs and nettles growing between the vines and fruit trees at the ends of rows.

Sete’s mission is to make wines reminiscent of this simplicity and of this time.

The Philosophy

Sete’s mission is to revitalize the vineyards and native grape varietals of Priverno. They aim to work in harmony with nature and to tell its many stories through their wines. They use only wild ferments, never fine or filter and use only the tiniest hint of S02 at bottling.


150+ Producers worldwide

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