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Weinviertel, Austria







Dry Continental


Mathias Schödl

Farming Practices

Biodynamic, Natural

The HIstory

The Schödl winery in Austria, run by siblings Mathias, Victoria, and Leonard Schödl, is a testament to a long-standing tradition of winemaking that harmonizes with nature. Mathias Schödl, the winemaker and co-owner, authored a thesis on the role of plant species in vineyards, underlining the winery’s commitment to low-intervention practices. The winery, nestled in the quaint town of Loidesthal within the Weinviertel region, prides itself on maintaining a close connection with both people and nature, an approach that is palpable to any visitor. This commitment to sustainable practices was inherited from their father, Herbert Schödl, who grew vines organically and taught oenology at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna. The siblings’ global travels and varied experiences led them to convert their winery to organic, with full certification achieved in 2019 .

The Philosophy

Advancing from organic to biodynamic practices, the Schödls aim to foster a diverse ecosystem within their vineyards. They believe in the ‘less is more’ philosophy for vine care, relying on natural processes and handwork to produce healthy, flavorful grapes without chemical intervention. Biodynamic preparations are used to stimulate plant growth and bolster the plants’ natural defenses. For the Schödls, sustainability extends beyond certification requirements; it’s about creating a vibrant, self-sustaining environment.

Their approach involves integrating sheep into the vineyards, which naturally manage weed growth and provide manure. Cover crops between vine rows boost biodiversity, providing habitats for beneficial insects like ladybirds, which combat pests, and earthworms, which enrich the soil. The Schödls eschew irrigation, relying on water management to mitigate environmental impact. They employ a tunnel spraying system for necessary treatments to minimize drift, and optimize vineyard work to reduce tractor use, favoring hand harvesting. These thoughtful practices reflect a winery that values both ecological balance and economic sustainability .

Such a philosophy is not merely an agricultural strategy but a way of life that resonates with the wines they produce. Each bottle from Schödl is a narrative of the family’s respect for the land and their dedication to preserving the integrity of their environment while crafting wines that are both expressive and responsible.



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