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Vigneti Repetto

Vigneti Repetto

Piedmont, Italy

Vigneti Repetto






Cool Continental


Gian Paolo Repetto 

Farming Practices



The History

Gian Paolo and his wife, Marina, were born into families of farmers and raised in the Italian countryside. When Gian Paolo graduated University, he initially decided to follow his passion for technology by developing a company in the engineering world. However, after some time, he found something was lacking - a connection to the land. The values he acquired during his youth in the country and shared with his wife brought him back

The Philosophy

"Ancient Method Modern Technology,” is Vigneti Repetto's motto. It means they respect traditions and nature while implementing modern techniques in the cellar. Gian Paolo invented a device he calls, VinoOxygen, which allows him to make unfiltered wine without racking; reducing sulphites without risking quality, as well as drastically limiting water consumption for washing after decanting. Repetto is also a member of the Italian federation of independent winemakers, who believe that quality can only be achieved by scrupulously taking care of all phases of wine growing and making from growing the grapes to the final bottling.


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