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Villa Papiano

Villa Papiano

Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Villa Papiano





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Francesco Bordini

FARMING Practices


The History

Nestled between the rolling hills of Romagna and Tuscany, Villa Papiano is a family-owned winery that has been producing exceptional wines since 2001. Founded by the four Bordini siblings, their shared passion for winemaking and dedication to producing wines of the highest quality have been the driving force behind their success.

The unique terroir of the estate plays a vital role in shaping the character of their wines. The vineyards are located on the Apennine border, where the soils are poor, comprised of marl and sandstone. The Marnosa-Arenacea sedimentary rock formation and deep forest surrounding the vineyards further contribute to the complexity and depth of the wines.

The Philosophy

Villa Papiano is committed to sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices that prioritize the health of the land and the people who work it. The vineyards are certified organic and are farmed using traditional techniques that minimize the use of chemicals and fertilizers. The Bordini siblings believe that the use of natural methods, such as cover crops, composting, and hand pruning, not only helps to maintain the health of the soil and the vines but also results in higher quality grapes and wines.

The winemaking process at Villa Papiano is similarly focused on natural techniques that allow the grapes to fully express their unique character and the terroir of the estate. The grapes are harvested by hand and sorted carefully to ensure only the best fruit is used. The winery uses natural yeasts for fermentation and the use of oak barrels is judicious and minimal, with a focus on maintaining the freshness and purity of the wines.

Villa Papiano's commitment to sustainability extends beyond the vineyards and winery. The estate is powered by renewable energy sources, including solar panels and a geothermal heating and cooling system. The winery is also built to be energy efficient, with natural light and ventilation to minimize energy use.


Villa Papiano

italy, emilia romagna

Villa Papiano

italy, emilia-romagna

Villa Papiano

italy, emilia-romagna

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