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Distillerie Quaglia

Distilleria Quaglia

Piedmont, Italy

Distilleria Quaglia







The History

Founded in the late 1800’s, four generations of the Quaglia family have guided the business through more than a century of artisan production, modernising it where needed whilst cherishing the older, traditional methods of distilling. Giuseppe Quaglia’s son Carlo took over the distillery in 1930. His main goal for the business was to improve efficiency in order to increase production to be able to employ and support more people in the town. 

The Philosophy

In 1967, another generation of Distilleria Quaglia began to balance this increase efficiency with a pivot back to producing things in an ultra-traditional manor. They started to produce particularly refined and highly-prized single-variety grappe but insisted they continue using the original stills from 60 years earlier. The great-grandson of the original Giuseppe (another Carlo!) is the most recent to take over the business. His enthusiasm for the exquisite quality of Quaglia products, is evident in his move to enrich the choice of rare, unique creations without ever overlooking the Distillery’s core values of artisanal excellence and the use of high-quality, natural primary products. 


150+ Producers worldwide

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