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Le Piane

Le Piane

Piedmont, Italy

Le Piane






Boca DOC


Cool Continental


Christoph Kuenzli

Farming Practices




The History

Boca was once the heart of a lively and prestigious winemaking area in Northern Piedmont, known for Nebbiolo-based wines from volcanic, high altitude soils. In the 1950s as Milan industrialized, many people left their vineyards and Boca DOC was all but abandoned. 

In the 90s Christoph Kuenzli visited Boca and met the regions ‘last vigneron’ 80 year old Antonio Cerri – who was making elegant and long-lasting Nebbiolos rivaling any bottling from more prestigious areas in the south of Piedmont.

When Cerri passed away in 1998, Christoph bought his farm and through 90 (!) separate purchases expanded the estate to 6.5ha with intentions to carry on the tradition of making beautiful wines in Boca.

The soil in Boca is porphyritic (volcanic origin), ground on its surface to fine gravel. This soil is unique in Italy. The moderate climate of the Lower Alps characterized by high autumnal temperatures, together with intensive sunshine thanks to the south facing position, creates optimal conditions for perfect maturity of the grapes. The vineyards embedded between the surrounding hills are protected against cold Alpine winds.

The Philosophy

Christoph’s vineyards are situated at about 450m above sea level and are all south-facing. Many plots range in age from 80-100 years old and are trained in the ‘Maggiorina’ system (where by a cluster of 4 vines are trained outward to make a crown shape with their canes – ensuring sun exposure and good airflow, plus little need for pruning).

Christoph farms his vines organically and uses a very light touch in the winery.


Le Piane

italy, piedmont

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