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Mother Rock

Mother Rock Wines

Swartland, South Africa

Mother Rock


South Africa


Western Cape

sub Region



Swartland WO


Warm Mediterranean


Johan Meyer


Organic, Biodynamic

The History

Mother Rock is a collaboration between winemaker Johan Meyer and Indigo founder Ben Henshaw. Johan, a rising star of the new South African wine scene, has been scouting vineyards to produce the best South Africa can offer, giving honour to the country's long history of winemaking. Starting with the initial Force Majeure wines, they expanded the offerings to include a label called Mother Rock, focused on discovering exceptional parcels of sustainably-farmed vines grown on a variety of soil types. The identity of these two brands is rooted deep in the South African wine industry with Chenin Blanc at the root of the whites and field blends of the reds.

The Philosophy

Much like the Signature wines, Johan has long-term contracts with some of the best growers in the Southern Cape determined to farm their sites organically. In the winery there is no SO2 added before or during fermentation but it’s a natural element that comes from the vines and you will always end up with some SO2 in the wines. That being said the wines are lightly sulfured before bottling for preservation and stability. Ultimately Mother Rock is about showcasing the best and purest expression of South Africa’s diverse terroir.


150+ Producers worldwide

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