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Orsi Vignetto San Vito

Orsi - Vigneto San Vito

Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Orsi - Vigneto San Vito





sub Region

Colli Bolognesi


Moderate Continental


Federico Orsi


organic, biodynamic


The History

Federico Orsi was born in Italy, but grew up in Brazil. He returned to Italy as a young adult to study business. While moonlighting at a restaurant and preparing for corporate life, he noticed an "for sale" ad for a vineyard nearby. In jest, he suggested to his family that they purchase it together. To his surprise, they were enthusiastic about the idea and purchased the property San Vito.

San Vito has been producing wine for 50+ years. In 2005, Federico Orsi and his wife Carola (along with Federico's family) bought the property and began to convert it to biodynamics to produce wines that are more representative and reminiscent of the region's terroir.

Federico, with no formal winemaking experience, began to intern with local farmers and wine growers and was immediately inspired by their love of and regard for the land.

The Philosophy

At San Vito, the concept of biodiversity and its benefit for the land and environment is embraced fully. On their estate, Federico and his team also grow other crops like spelt and barely, fruits and vegetables and raise pigs for Federico’s famous Mortadella (maybe you got to try some at our pop-up)?

Says Federico: "We've been biodynamic for over ten years now, and we're almost fanatical in how we care for the land: no chemicals are used of course, and we work with nature to ensure the best possible conditions for our vines.”

His wines are interesting, expressive and delicious, and most importantly to Federico, they’re made with varietals that are native to the area using traditional methods, including the vino perpetuo method (similar to the solera method).


150+ Producers worldwide

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