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Stephane Rocher (La Ferme Du Mont Benault)

Stéphane Rocher 

(La Ferme Du Mont Benault)

Loire Valley, France

Stéphane Rocher (La Ferme Du Mont Benault)




Loire Valley

sub Region





Stéphane Rocher

FARMING Practices

Organic, Biodynamic

The History

If you're a Loire Valley fan, you need to know about Stéphane Rocher, the man behind the renowned Stéphane Rocher Winery in the picturesque Anjou region of France.
After completing a winemaking course in Montreuil back in 2008, Stéphane decided to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and head back to his roots in Anjou. He purchased a farm that included a winery and a house set on 2 hectares of rolling hills. While renovating his new property, Stéphane worked as a caviste in Anjou and began to purchase additional hectares of vines, until he could finally focus completely on his own vineyards and making his own wine. 

The Philosophy

Today, Stéphane owns an impressive 25 hectares of land, including 6.5 hectares of vines that produce some of the most unique and flavorful wines in the region. Stéphane's passion lies in preserving the ecosystem and biodiversity of his property, and he follows biodynamic principles to achieve this 


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